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The Tryon and Asheville, NC Years

Eunice Waymon
(aka Nina Simone) , age 8

Eunice Waymon (aka Nina Simone) age 12

Eunice Waymon (aka Nina Simone) age 14

Old St Luke's CME Church, Tryon, NC,
where Eunice Waymon (aka Nina Simone)
began her musical career.

'Mrs. Mazzy', i.e., Muriel Mazzanovich,
by Betty Anne Mills Dobbyns (1969).
Oil pencil drawing.

Mazzanovich Studio. Glengarnock Road.
Gillette Woods. Tryon, NC.

Eunice Waymon Piano Recital
Unique Copy. Hand-lettered by Garland Goodwin. 1949

Tryon Daily Bulletin. 7 March 1929 issue.
1st graphic evidence of
Wayman's (sic) in Tryon, NC.

Tryon Daily Bulletin. 18 March 1941 issue.
Colored School Honor Roll notice

Tryon Daily Bulletin.24 April 1943 issue.
Poem on Eunice.

Tryon Daily Bulletin.15 May 1943 issue.
Community Choir with Eunice Waymon notice

Tryon Daily Bulletin. 8
November 1946 issue.
St. Luke's Autumn Bazaar notice.

Tyon Daily Bulletin. 19 August 1947 issue.
Grand Recital notice.

Allen Home School for Girls. Asheville, NC,
where Eunice Waymon attended from 1948-1950.
Postcard c. 1950.

Clemens Sandresky,
Eunice Waymon's piano teacher in
Asheville, NC. circa 1948

Eunice Waymon (aka Nina Simone)
Valedictorian. Allen School for Girls,
Asheville, NC. 1950

Nina Simone Birthplace, circa 1940. 30 East Livingston Street, Tryon, NC. Figure unknown

Episcopal Mission School (Good Shepherd), circa 1940, with Eunice Waymon (a.k.a. Nina Simone) seated in right background

Eunice Waymon. Age 16. Allen School
auditorium. Circa 1948. Ex coll. Dr. Patricia Caple


Eunice Waymon. Age 17. Allen School. Circa 1949. Ex coll. Dr. Patricia Caple

Eunice Waymon Report Card-1947-1950

Esther Moore Borg by Stella Sassoon (c.1940s). Benefactress of Eunice Waymon.
Lifetime Concert and Tour Programs and Posters

1st Annual Los Angeles
Jazz Festival program. 1959


Hunter College Concert Program.Art D'Lugoff Concert Series.21 October 1960.Ex coll.- Village Gate Archive


Hunter College Concert Poster.Art D'Lugoff Concert Series.21 October 1960.Ex coll.- Village Gate Archive

Campus Favorities industry poster. 1964.
Simone and others

The Rheingold Central Park Music
Festival program. 1966

Newport Jazz Festival program. 1966

1st Annual Atlanta Jazz Festival program. 1966

Royal Albert Hall Concert program with
Dick Gregory and Nina Simone. 19 April 1967.
Gift by NSP to PCHA

Newport Jazz Festival program.1967

England Tour program. 1969

New Arts Jazz Festival. NC State University. 1 November 1969

Concert Ticket. Nina Simone & Hugh Masakela Philadelphia Academy of Music.9 Feb 1969

11th Annual Ohio Jazz Festival program. 1970
Gift by NSP to PCHA

Nina Simone at Fillmore East program. 1970

A L'Olympia - Bruno Coquatrix

Newport Jazz Festival 1970

A Special Nina Simone Rare Appearance.Classic Artists Concerts.Houston Fine Arts Center (Denver Colorado Womens College).4 Dec 1983.Ex coll.- Sam Waymon

Return of Nina Simone.Alternate Poster.Queen Elizabeth Theatre.26 Nov 1983. Ex coll.-Sam Waymon

Salute to Bob Marley.Concert Poster.Queen Elizabeth Theatre. 26 Nov 1983.Ex coll.- Sam Waymon

Australia and New Zealand
Concert Tour program. 1992

England Tour Poster.Kennedy Street Enterprises.2002
Nina Simone Project Periodical Press Notices and Bookform Publications

Nina Simone. 'Carolina Chanteuse'
OUR STATE magazine. September 2007

'Nina Simone--Tryon Celebrates a Timeless Talent.' Mountain Traditions Magazine. Fall-Winter 2007

Nina Simone, Tryon Celebrates. Spartanburg Magazine. Summer 2008

Making Notes; Music of the Carolinas.Nina Simone Put a Spell on Us.Charles Blackburn Jr.Novello Festival Press, 2008

JET. March 2-9, 2009 issue. Nina Simone Sculpture Preview (cover & p.22)

'Nina Simone Memorialized in North Carolina Hometown'. DOWNBEAT. August 2009

Simone Publicity Still.General Artists Corporation.1959

Nina Simone publicity still. 1960

Simone Publicity Still.General Artists Corporation.1960

Simone Publicity Still.International Talent Associates.1964

Simone Publicity Still.1968

Simone Publicity Still. Stroud Productions 1969

Sandresky thank you

'I Put A Spell On You.' Ebury Press, 1991.
1st edition, 1st issue. Autographed

'Ne me quitte pas' musical fragment
with Nina Simone autograph
and salutation. 1987


Village Gate contract. 18 July 1961. Original signatures with Simone's rider. Ex coll.- Village Gate Archives


Nina Simone Apollo Theatre Contract
Posthumous Events and programs

Dr. Nina Simone Memorial Service
St. Luke's C.M.E Church, Tryon, NC
June 21, 2003

Crys Armbrust, Ph.D.
Founder and Executive Director
Eunice Waymon - Nina Simone Memorial

Happy McLeod, Crys Armbrust,
and Frances Waymon - Fox, Nina's sister

'Viva la musique' program.
Inaugural event of the EW-NS MP.
28 September 2006.
Tryon Fine Arts Center, Tryon, NC

Lucianne Evans, NC Jazz vocalist.'Viva La Musique'. Sept 2006.JPG
Sponsored Outreach and Benefit Programs

Angela Logan

Angela Logan with William Hannon, Valentino Burroughs, and Chuck Greer.

Angela Logan and Chuck Greer


Sparkle City Brass (Cantare in background)

One Way

Fiddlers Fancy

Fiddlers Fancy

'Voices for Hospices' 2007. Concert Poster. NSP sponsored benefit for Western North Carolina AIDS Project

'Voices for Hospices' 2007. Concert program
Artistic Representations

Lady Midnight by Mucha Kachidza 2007

Nina & Morris by Kathleen Carson 2007

Nina - Claudius Harris